StartupGrowthGrill Podcast

 Hosted by Kevin McPhee, Cofounder and CTO at BriefBid.

BagsAway – The rise of AirBnB for your luggage.

Our guest for this episode is Irina Zusman, cofounder of BagsAway – ‘AirBnB for your luggage’. 

BagsAway provides the convenience of secure short-term storage for your travel items.  By partnering with local businesses and storefronts, BagsAway created a network of convenient, low-cost and secure luggage storage locations on demand.

VirtualAd – Digital Marketing Tips For Small Businesses.

Our guest for this episode is Brendan Manley, founder of VirtualAd.

VirtualAd is a platform that pairs your business with an in-house team of experienced marketers who handle your advertising, and simple software to keep track of how it’s growing your business.